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People have been kind enough to give me many testimonials validating the work I do. Given they come from various parts of my working life, I have classified them by area (although there are some overlaps, as you will read). Note: All Couple Counselling testimonials are genuine and deliberately anonymous. To get to the testimonials you want to see, click on the buttons on the right:-

"I have gone for it and started teacher training  as I felt I deserved a job I would enjoy for the next part of my life. I don't think I would have done so without you!"
M-A B, Life Coaching

After a tragedy in my life, I have both seen and experienced more counselling than most people. None of it has got through to me. Yet Cathy, in just 2.5hrs helped me to go round it and get past it in a way that makes sense to me. Something has changed, and I feel better for it. It is worth paying for Cathy’s services - she delivers, when other don’t.
MH, Solo

I went to Cathy to get some understanding of what was going on in my life. I found her approachable, friendly and very attentive. She cut to the chase with extraordinary compassion and I found talking to her incredibly easy. I would thoroughly recommend Cathy's services.
C.S., Solo Coaching

You are easy to talk to and open up to, and, there's more to  it than that.  You have a deeper insight into personal relationships.
DF, Solo

What makes you different is 'you'.  You're nice.  Open, approachable and likeable. Very easy to talk to and a good listener.
BH & SL, Solo

Cathy has a unique talent. She has the ability to inspire and support you fully whilst always getting to the point of the problem. She helped me considerably in my weight-loss journey and we had great fun along the way. I would highly recommend her.
Tara Dominic, Mother of two

Cathy quickly created an environment where we could unravel the problems of our major house building project and see the issues more rationally. She encouraged us to assess out own strengths and weaknesses, and in doing so, helped us to recognise what we could do to acheive our objectives. The impact was immediate and has made a real difference to our ongoing project management - particularly our ability to ride the roller coaster of events.
B & S, A Private House Building project, London

As a coach, Cathy has a talent for encouraging you to see the positive aspects of yourself which enable you to work enthusiastically towards your goals. Her energy, experience and humour make her a great motivator.
Becky Maude, Teacher

Having never seen or consulted a coach before, I was unsure what to expect but I very quickly realised that I had made the right choice in Cathy. Almost immediately putting me at ease, her professional yet personal manner instilled a confidence in me that we would get results. Instinctively seeming to understand what I wanted from our sessions together, the outcome was better than I dared hope. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cathy, and to top it all, I enjoyed every session.
David Hinchliffe, IT Consultant

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When we found ourselves at a crossroads in our marriage, Cathy taught us how to be honest and open with each other and, with the utmost sensitivity, encouraged us to find the right path. Providing a neutral and non-judgemental environment in which to talk, she helped us to understand about ourselves and each other, and the reasons why our lives had led us to such a difficult place. The skills and tools she provided have enabled us to move forward and make a fresh start, building upon the good things and rekindling those feelings that first drew us together. Cathy's very professional service has not only helped save our marriage, but given us the confidence to deal with whatever life might bring in future. Thank you!



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