People have been kind enough to give me many testimonials validating the work I do. Given they come from various parts of my working life, I have classified them by area (although there are some overlaps, as you will read). Note: All Couple Counselling testimonials are genuine and deliberately anonymous. To get to the testimonials you want to see, click on the buttons on the right:-

"Your coaching was life-changing for me as you helped me to piece my life back together. I can only describe the process as having given me a transplant of life. I drew from it such personal strength, and now I'm happy and can move on. Thank you. By the way, I'm still not smoking, and I really wanted to stop that, so that makes me happy too."
Anonymous, Solo

"You are a true miracle worker for the mind."
Liv, Life Coaching

I have known Cathy for about 5 years. When I have asked for her professional advice, she has provided real insights into my own relationships. She is very wise and caring. She works intuitively using a variety of techniques. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach and is continually expanding her knowledge and putting it into practice.
T T, Life Coaching

"Wow, you're good. With your help, my on-line dating profile has suddenly produced results. 34 matches of which I've 'winked' about 5. Their turn now. Interesting and exciting."
Sam, Online dating profile

I was rather sceptical of counselling before certain life events forced me to take action and seek some professional help. I have now been 100% converted! Cathy has been calm and patient with me and, not only has she helped me to get to the root of my problems, she has equipped me with coping strategies to help get through those tough times. I can't thank her enough and would strongly recommend her services to anyone.
Jen Reynolds, Solo

Thank you for your counselling and support. I am now so much happier that I was, although the divorce is not yet complete. I have now re-discovered my normally positive and fun personality.
BG, Going solo

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I have known Cathy for a long time and knew too, that she would be there for me if I ever needed her help.When that time came, Cathy was extremely supportive. She was non-judgemental and helped me to view my challenges from various points of view. She didn't have the answers, but her questions and her comments, enabled me to come up with my own. Thoroughly professional at all times, I can recommend Cathy's coaching and support without reservation. Thank you Cathy.


Life Coaching

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