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People have been kind enough to give me many testimonials validating the work I do. Given they come from various parts of my working life, I have classified them by area (although there are some overlaps, as you will read). Note: All Couple Counselling testimonials are genuine and deliberately anonymous. To get to the testimonials you want to see, click on the buttons on the right:-

I want to let you know that the work we did together last Wednesday was very successful. When I did the presentation last Thursday evening I was the most relaxed I've ever been when presenting; the old pattern is definitely being replaced with a new one.
Corrine Thomas, Business Coach

I have been working with Cathy since my Admiral's Cup sailing campaign 12 years ago to my professional and personal life in the present day. I still use visualisation, focus and relaxation techniques from those early days on the trading floor of an investment bank. 
Tom Barrett, Merchant Banker

I was having a problem with a client and I was unsure how to resolve it. I had a  quick chat with Cathy about it and at the end of our networking meeting she spent 10 minutes with me going through various scenarios, feelings etc. and I went away and implemented this new knowledge and now everything is fine.
Tracey Savage, Social Media Coach & Trainer

Cathy helped greatly to improve my helming and performance through re-setting my approach to racing through sessions on stress, goal-setting and understanding success. The most surprising fact has been just how much her coaching in sailing has transferred with lasting and effective results into my work life.
Brian W., Financier

With Cathy's coaching I learnt more about myself and my abilities in one week than I had 'tried to work out' in a whole year! The clarity and confidence resulting from the 'power of positive visualisation' stays with me to this day and has been incredibly instrumental in my business career and the success now of my own company. Thank you Cathy!”
Roz Flanagen, Bewitched Ltd.

Cathy is a highly effective communicator - sympathetic to the position of the person being coached whilst remaining focussed on the outcome required. Her approach works!
Sarah Thelwell, MyCake Ltd.

"Cathy helped me make real improvements in my negotiation skills and to be more effective in my day to day business interactions. I thoroughly recommend her as a coach. Cathy is also great fun to work with.”
Andy Scott, AJScott Consultanting

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