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People have been kind enough to give me many testimonials validating the work I do. Given they come from various parts of my working life, I have classified them by area (although there are some overlaps, as you will read). Note: All Couple Counselling testimonials are genuine and deliberately anonymous. To get to the testimonials you want to see, click on the buttons on the right:-

"I didn't know what to expect. It's been much more rounding and I've learned a lot about myself. It's been an understanding of us, our relationship and myself. It hasn't been a witch-hunt about the affair. We've both learned from it. "
Couple Counselling Anon 5, 1

We appreciate the secure, calming, revealing, educational and problem solving sessions. Your qualities include listening, firm but kind, versatile, able to adapt, genuinely caring, being outcome based to create real, practical results.
Anon, 5

You create outcome-based real results. You have helped by giving us practical skills to take back into real life.  You both have an amazing ability to help uncover the real reasons for our behaviours and actions without us feeling ‘bad’ about it. Once something from the past is ‘discovered’ it is not over analysed but used in a positive sense to take things forward not backwards. You are firm, to the point, with great ‘on the hop’ skills....and kind.
Anon, 6

It’s fair to say when we decided to seek help with our marriage, we were already in a place of crisis. When we first sat down with Cathy to discuss our problems, we quickly realised that she does not do “quick fixes”. In depth discussions together and separately meant that issues could be brought into the open safely and dealt with at an appropriate pace. The sessions are given a lot of time to ensure nothing is rushed or overlooked and that both parties can feel they are being understood. The skills given to us have changed the way we approach our relationship with each other. We can honestly say, that we are now in a much stronger marriage with better foundations which have meant that we have learnt to enjoy each other’s company again and we are now looking forward to a much brighter future. Thank you!
Anon, 7

Having met you, we knew that we were in safe hands and had made the right decision.
Anonymous, 8

We started in a very bad place and I didn't think our relationship could continue, although I really wanted it to. We are now very happy with where we are going and have made huge steps forward.
Anonymous, 9

Cathy, thank you so very much for your incredible insight, sensitivity and intelligent guidance. Rest assured that should I need help in the future I would have every confidence in returning for future sessions with you. My personal and grateful thanks.
Anonymous, 10

You enveloped me. I have never felt quite so safe and able to open up with anyone as I did with you both. You had an amazing understanding which gave me comfort and strength. You've been so kind - thank you."
Anonymous, 11

We found you very helpful and committed.
Anonymous, 12

I am much more happy and having really positive experiences at home; I am really wanting to come home and see my wife rather than dreading it.
Anonymous, 13

The journey is still tough but it is so much easier when there is a safe place to talk, to share and not shout or be shouted at.
Anonymous, 14

This is the first time in years that we have bared all.  Without this, we wouldn't be in a relationship at all. The balance of the future is now much greater than to the past.
Anonymous, 15

Thank you once again for your continued support and interest. We are both feeling safe, secure, stronger, more comfortable and happier than either of us has in a very long time. The challenges are still there, the ups and downs continue to happen but we no longer fight each other to deal with them. We are a work in progress, enjoying the foundations but relishing the redecorating and extensions to our life! It goes without saying, without your hard work, professionalism and encouragement, we would not be in the position we are or the people that we have become. We are friends, lovers, husband & wife and above all, grateful!
Anonymous, 16

Before we would have screamed and shouted at each other; now we are talking like grown ups. We are now in a really positive place and I know we'll never go back to how things were in the past.
Anonymous, 17

There is now real empathy between us. I can now be much more open about my emotions and know that I will be supported. I can enjoy, laugh and take the rough with the smooth.
Anonymous, 18

When we found ourselves at a crossroads in our marriage, Cathy taught us how to be honest and open with each other and, with the utmost sensitivity, encouraged us to find the right path. Providing a neutral and non-judgemental environment in which to talk, she helped us to understand about ourselves and each other, and the reasons why our lives had led us to such a difficult place. The skills and tools she provided have enabled us to move forward and make a fresh start, building upon the good things and rekindling those feelings that first drew us together. Cathy's very professional service has not only helped save our marriage, but given us the confidence to deal with whatever life might bring in future. Thank you!
Anonymous, 19

We are delighted that we are about to have a new child. Without you she would probably not be there. (Update: A little girl, was delivered weighing 8lb, 12.5ozs.  Mother, baby [and Father] are doing well.)
Anonymous, 20

"Cathy has saved our life together. From the first distraught phone conversation, and in sessions over the last few months, Cathy has helped us rebuild our shattered marriage and learn a great deal about ourselves, both as individuals, and as a couple. Cathy provided a balanced view of our problems and allowed us to discuss them openly without feeling like either one of us was being judged or blamed. She has clearly worked incredibly hard, both in the sessions and planning a way forward for the next session. She provided a comfortable and relaxed environment for us to openly discuss some difficult issues and have given us the tools to continue to grow as a couple. During the time we have known her she have been flexible to our family needs and often gone further than she needed to to support us through some very difficult times. We are very glad to have met her, really pleased that she cared, and highly recommend her innovative and understanding approach to counselling."
Anonymous, 21

The skilful and thoughtful sessions we had with you have enabled us to clearly move forward. I have a genuine feeling that I have my old and truly wonderful wife back - the one I close to destroyed and I feel grateful, relieved and unduly fortunate.
Anonymous, 22

We had a very positive year since we were last at your place and are both so thankful that we managed to pull the rudder around at the last minute, due to your work with us. We have the tools and willingness to never end up in the same situation we were when we first came to you. Thank you very much for all you did for us and as you can see it really was worth it. I hope, and feel sure, you are still very busy helping other people to find the sunny side of life again and I wish you all the strength and dedication for the future. 
Anonymous, 23

Thank you for your help, particularly during the first day that we were due to meet. I needed someone and you were there for me. We feel we've entered a new and all together more positive phase of our lives and I thank you again for helping us get here.
Anonymous, 24

We have never been happier. We are stronger than we ever have been. We are totally in love. We will soon celebrate a big wedding anniversary. So many factors that made up those years, of which you both played a very significant part.  Like most, we struggle each month with money, kids, cars etc. We no longer row. In fact we haven’t had one for a long time, possibly not this year. I can’t imagine what would have happened had we not had the intervention you brought. Thank you. 
Anonymous, 25

Coming to see Cathy helped us to make the final decision to split. Afterwards, Cathy made me aware of the way I communicate and how this provokes a reaction in others. This has made me re-evaluate how I behave and communicate with my children, family, work colleagues, call centres and everyone, including my Ex! I'm sure this will be a life skill I will use forever. Her techniques really helped me through a difficult time in my life. It really felt like a haven of knowledge to visit Cathy and to focus on moving forward with my life.
Anonymous, 26

"You're in a room where you're led to conclusions - not told. Cathy's guidance has made us come one helluva long way. We wouldn't have done it on our own. We'd never have gone it alone, but we'd never have got to this stage."
Couple Counselling Anon 6, 1

"I knew that to overcome what had happened and improve our relationship in the process we would 'both' need help in the form of a neutral person who could guide us through.  After the first session I knew that Cathy was going to be integral to our future lives together. It was hard work, lots of soul searching and reflecting but without a doubt Cathy has helped both of us think about our actions, what we want from life and taught us the tools to achieve just that. I personally can't thank her enough."
Couple Counselling Anon 8, 1

Cathy helped me and my husband with our very rocky marriage. She listened well and were never quick to judge. The tools, homework, personal development challenges they gave us have now taken our marriage off the rocks and on to a peaceful beach.... Cathy's couple counselling has saved a marriage, family and friendship and for that I thank her. I know that if I need her at all in the future, she will be there for me.
Couple Counselling Anonymous, 2

My life and our lives are so much better for working with you. It has made such a significant difference to us. 
Couple Counselling Anonymous 1

Having split from my partner, I am a stronger person now since seeing you. The work you have done with me has changed my world. I'm looking forward now. 
Couple Counselling Anonymous 4

Our relationship is now more natural than it has been in years. Our love has got more intense and we are really in love again. There has been a lot of healing.
Couple Counselling Anonymous 3

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Thanks for an inspiring and stimulating evening. Really found your workshop useful and a helpful review, as well as prompting some internalisation.  You’re very good at what you do, great style and rapport with the group. It’s a pleasure to see your apparent, effortless expertise in flow, growing from strength to strength. You’re quite an inspiration and a model for me to emulate.

Tony Almeida

Pro-Vantage Coaching

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