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People have been kind enough to give me many testimonials validating the work I do. Given they come from various parts of my working life, I have classified them by area (although there are some overlaps, as you will read). Note: All Couple Counselling testimonials are genuine and deliberately anonymous. To get to the testimonials you want to see, click on the buttons on the right:-

I have worked with Cathy in a professional capacity for many years and I find her level of understanding and how she helps people to gain clarity and move their life forward is both skilful and insightful. She guides to help people work things out for themselves rather than give answers that may not be helpful.
C B, Life Coaching

Cathy's facilitation and training was thought-provoking....
Graham Knox, Link4Life, Rochdale Boroughwide Cultural Trust

You do a very important job at sailing, and what is most important, you irradiates energy and light to work for sailing.
Esperanza Perez, sailor and International Sailing Association (ISAF) committee member

As a facilitator, Cathy is impressively well-organised and focused, but also has the charm, skills and flexibility to make her sessions fun and amazingly effective.
NW, Company Director

I have been delighted to work with her and recommend her to colleagues and friends on very many occasions since. She tackles each project with fresh eyes whilst fully utilising her extensive knowledge and experience. She is always open to explore new thinking and new challenges and finds ways to incorporate that learning into her existing portfolio of services for her clients' benefit. She has a holistic approach and is a pleasure to work with.
Fiona Brown

I've seen first-hand how Cathy's own expertise and skills have helped her resolve conflicts, manage difficult situations and help individuals and teams succeed in the most challenging conditions.
Serge Jorgenson, US Paralympic Coach

Thanks for an inspiring and stimulating evening. Really found your workshop useful and a helpful review, as well as prompting some internalisation.  You’re very good at what you do, great style and rapport with the group. It’s a pleasure to see your apparent, effortless expertise in flow, growing from strength to strength. You’re quite an inspiration and a model for me to emulate.
Tony Almeida, Pro-Vantage Coaching

Cathy was Chief of the Youth & Development Committee at the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and we won many challenges following her suggestions and good leadership. Cathy has always a nice smile for everyone and it's very good to work with her and share her vision.
Fabio Collivecchi

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If you are looking for someone to help guide you in the processes in Olympic campaign management, once you have spoken to Cathy you will realise you have come to the right place!

Stephen M. Park

RYA Olympic Manager, Skandia Team GBR

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