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Bits and Bobs

Definition (Chambers Dictionary):

Small object or possessions; odds and ends (Plural noun, British colloquialism).

Spiders Web - Patrick Blake (Cathy Foster) 


I am an experienced facilitator, used to drawing out the best in groups. Furthermore, I work with the excellent people at Training Attention to create training programmes for companies.

People problems are universal - solutions are bespoke. Contact Cathy now.


If you want a talk for your club, networking group or any other group or organisation, give me a call.  I offer

  • Motivational talks and speeches (bespoke)
  • Talks on building and maintaining business partnerships
  • Networking talks 
  • Sailing talks


My thanks

To Patrick Blake of Blake Studio for the very professional photos on this site.  



Through my skill in Clean Language facilitation, and a time in my life when I was doing market research, I have got involved in a method for doing qualitative research on groups of people called 'Modelling Shared Reality'. We do in-depth investigations to discover what is the current reality for any group of people from 9-2000 in number.  

This robust and intensive technique works for people grouped into an organisation of some sort through to totally disparate groups.  For instance, it has been used to model what a town considered was important in developing an environmental strategy for itself. 

Please contact me if curious how it works.


Other Bits and Bobs

Compass - Patrick Blake (Cathy Foster)


Recognition as one of Ben Ainslie's Coaches!

I was one of five coaches awarded the Coaching Chain Award by Sports Coach UK in public acknowledgement of being one of Ben Ainslie's Coaches. As a group we made significant contribution to Ben Ainslie's development.

It's very nice to have received this recognition of work done so many years ago. And now Sir Ben is a superstar.

See the reports here


local Boat sailing - Patrick Blake (Cathy Foster)Some years ago, 1990, I substantially revised Eric Twiname's 'Sail, Race and Win'. I recently received this from Australia when trying to track down a 2nd edition copy:

"I am not a sailing enthusiast. I've nothing against it: just haven't been near any sailing boats at all.

I'm getting 'Sail, Race and Win' because it was highly recommended "as the best self-coaching book we have seen" by authors Shoji Shiba and David Walden (in their outstanding book 'Four Practical Revolutions in Management'). I don't know if you know of them, but in Quality circles, Shiba is one of the highly respected teachers and winner of the Demming prize. (I've also seen very good recommendations for the book all over the sailing websites.)

If we have something in common, it would be a passion to improve oneself and one's skills. I am getting the book for myself and for helping me to coach my own young children."


The book is now out of print, but what a pleasure to get this out of the blue!

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Before we would have screamed and shouted at each other; now we are talking like grown ups. We are now in a really positive place and I know we'll never go back to how things were in the past.



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