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Executive Coaching

I am currently taking a sabbatical.  So while I am happy to work with ex-clients, those recommended to me by ex-clients and others I know or know of in some way, I am not accepting new clients who are not already known to me.

I do welcome new clients who want to experience Family (and/or Systemic) Constellations.  Please contact me for more information.

This situation may change without notice as I change and refine what I offer, so please check in here periodically for new developments.

So you have some issues that you want to figure out. They are work related, and maybe some other things as well. You need a place where you can talk and think things through away from the business. Above all, you want to be listened to, supported, and if appropriate, challenged as you work towards what you would like to happen. 

Perhaps you're unhappy about something, and it's causing stress - more than is comfortable. It's curtailing your work in some way, or maybe on the rest of your life. You know you need to find a way of handling this.

Or maybe a new future beckons and you have one or more decisions to make. Perhaps you know what you want and need support as you work on getting there.  Or you want the freedom that a new life promises, and you want to work through the issues in getting there.

Maybe you're stuck. It's really hard to make a choice what do do. Perhaps you're procrastinating. You need help to break the deadlock.

Perhaps an integral part of your issues are the relationships you have, or don't have.  Understanding what is happening and working out how to deal with the people in your life would be most helpful.

You want to develop your own solutions through executive coaching - you don't want to be told what to do - it's not that sort of situation, neither are you that sort of person.

How I can help

Typical issues that I, as an Executive Coach, help people deal with for themselves:

  • stress and anxiety
  • workplace relationships
  • career change, voluntary or imposed
  • making a difficult choice
  • an unhelpful behaviour 
  • impending retirement
  • a difficult staff member or boss
  • anger management
  • a place to create and think
  • procrastination
  • dealing with big life issues while still working
  • a phobia that gets in the way
  • resolving a stuck issue and moving on

Call Cathy to determine what happens next.

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Life Coaching and Counselling for Employees

You are a business owner with a valued employee who is having personal issues. Performance is down, and your staff are being distracted. You want to give your distracted staff member a helping hand.

Give Cathy a call to go through both the upsides and the potential pitfalls of providing life coaching and counselling to employees in distress.  You will want your response to be seen as concerned, humane and consistent.

A bit of time going deliberately slow can speed up going fast

A course of therapy can lead to the return to work by the employee with life issues being resolved, motivation restored and performance back on track.

This is particularly useful to support staff members who are

  • recovering from bereavement
  • having a messy divorce
  • going through a court case or custody battle
  • have lost their motivation

So contact Cathy to discover what can be done.

Motivational Talks

I am an experienced speaker, and am happy to give motivational talks to groups of any size.  The content is always bespoke, and tailored to the needs of my clients at that time.

Give me a call if this is your need.

Work Relationships

If you have emotive problems between two people, the situation hasn't responded to logic, mediation or team training, and the business is at risk, contact Cathy.

I help resolve crucial relationships, critical to success. Perhaps the issue is between colleagues in business or in life, or maybe the two people are a couple who also work together in business.  

I work with

  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Partners
  • very Senior Managers or Academics
  • Family businesses
  • in any size of organisation and from any sector

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Facilitation and Group Training

I am an experienced facilitator, used to drawing out the best in groups. Furthermore, I work with the excellent people at Training Attention to create training programmes for companies.

People problems are universal - solutions are bespoke.  Contact Cathy now.

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"Cathy has saved our life together. From the first distraught phone conversation, and in sessions over the last few months, Cathy has helped us rebuild our shattered marriage and learn a great deal about ourselves, both as individuals, and as a couple. Cathy provided a balanced view of our problems and allowed us to discuss them openly without feeling like either one of us was being judged or blamed. She has clearly worked incredibly hard, both in the sessions and planning a way forward for the next session. She provided a comfortable and relaxed environment for us to openly discuss some difficult issues and have given us the tools to continue to grow as a couple. During the time we have known her she have been flexible to our family needs and often gone further than she needed to to support us through some very difficult times. We are very glad to have met her, really pleased that she cared, and highly recommend her innovative and understanding approach to counselling."



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