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Relationship Counselling

I am currently taking a sabbatical while I develop a new business venture.  I will be creating a new website in the near future, so please check in here periodically for new developments. Please know that I will no longer be working as a counsellor or life coach.

Should you wish to talk me for any other reason please contact me

Is your relationship in trouble, or perhaps just one part is just not working for you both and you need relationship counselling?  Do you want to improve the connection between you in your everyday life, when you have a crisis or perhaps in the bedroom with some marriage counselling?

I give couple counselling to those who are:

  • thinking of splitting up
  • arguing in ways that hurt your relationship
  • dealing with the impact of an affair(s)
  • wanting to build up their relationship
  • being de-stabilised by a problem that one of you has
  • disagreeing over the children, or in-laws, or others
  • drifting apart
  • business as well as life partners

I work towards the outcomes you want, and if you don't know what this is, then I facilitate you both to clarify what you want to have happen. I support you create a better, fulfilling and sustainable relationship by unravelling the stuck or unhelpful patterns you have found yourselves in. Or if the decision is to break up, I will facilitate the move towards acceptance for what has happened, how to go forwards into the future and what to do about the kids (if any).

Above all, I coach you both in ways that work for you, without judgement, and giving a fair hearing to both sides.

If you are just starting out on your relationship journey together, consider investing in yourselves with pre-marriage counselling, so you start out how you wish to carry on. 

How I do it

Couples come to me knowing that both sides of their stories will be heard fairly. My clients also appreciate that while I do listen and question (as in counselling), I also actively coach each of you so that you each go back into the home environment with more helpful skills and behaviours. I facilitate you as you hone in on unhelpful behaviours and make lasting change for the better so that you connect to each again in more productive ways. Furthermore, you will discover ways of making your relationship bond more resilient to life's challenges in the future.

I have coached couples for over 650 hours over the last eight years, so have considerable experience with which to help you. Contact me if you want couple counselling and are from Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke, Andover, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, anywhere in Hampshire and beyond.  Please note I work face-to-face only.


Boat anchored  - © Patrick Blake Given that I sail, it is a natural extension of my work to help those couples who encounter troubles in their relationship on the water, either sailboats or motorboats. If you want to enjoy your times on the water, yet can't right now, give me a call.  

I operate in Winchester, near to the major sailing centres in Hampshire, in the south of England - within easy reach of the Hamble, Lymington and Port Solent/Gosport.



While genuine, these are anonymous for discretion's sake:

"My life and our lives are so much better for working with you. It has made such a significant difference to us. "

"We started in a very bad place and I didn't think our relationship could continue, although I really wanted it to. We are now very happy with where we are going and have made huge steps forward."

"Our relationship is now more natural than it has been in years. Our love has got more intense and we are really in love again. There has been a lot of healing."

And should you split up:

"Coming to see you helped us to make the final decision to split. Afterwards, you made me aware of the way I communicate and how this provokes a reaction in others. This has made me re-evaluate how I behave and communicate with my children, family, work colleagues, call centres and everyone, including my Ex! I'm sure this will be a life skill I will use forever. Your techniques really helped me through a difficult time in my life. It really felt like a haven of knowledge to visit you and to focus on moving forward with my life."

"Thank you for your counselling and support. I am now so much happier than I was, although the divorce is not through yet. I go dancing and it's a lot of fun. I have re-discovered my normally positive personality. "

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"You are a true miracle worker for the mind."


Life Coaching

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