People who Judge

Posted October 8 2014

People who jJudge - Graphic thoughtHave you changed as you've gone through life, and then found it difficult when people from your past come around?

When you have shared history with people, but they haven't really met you since a life change, you can find yourselves out of synch with each other. If there is enough goodwill between you, usually you will find a way to continue to celebrate past memories and tolerate current differences as your relationship moves to a new level.

However, if the person judging your current behaviour, using their past perceptions to do so, then it might be more appropriate to let go and move on, giving yourself time to grieve for the loss of what you had.  

Should the person be a family member or an ex-partner, then the sheer weight of history can be overwhelming to try and cope with. If you want a helping hand, give me a call.


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I have known Cathy for a long time and knew too, that she would be there for me if I ever needed her help.When that time came, Cathy was extremely supportive. She was non-judgemental and helped me to view my challenges from various points of view. She didn't have the answers, but her questions and her comments, enabled me to come up with my own. Thoroughly professional at all times, I can recommend Cathy's coaching and support without reservation. Thank you Cathy.


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