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Judy Apps TEDx talk

Posted August 28 2019

Your voice is full of meaning and tells people a lot about you. Yet, we all change our voice at times to project an image, and when we do, we don’t quite reach other people.

In this TEDx talk, voice and communication coach Judy Apps shows convincingly how, when you dare to show up for real your genuine voice conveys far more than words alone. The vibration of your sound tunes into something genuine within the other person and they respond with real connection and trust - vital for solving our human problems today.

Judy Apps has been a poetry tutor, clarinet and singing teacher, opera
singer, tour guide and coach driver, learning and development manager, executive and life-coach, trainer, speaker, definitely not forgetting partner and mother. Currently, she coaches people in all walks of life from teenagers to corporate leaders in the arts of communication.

For everyone, success comes less from techniques, more from finding
your own voice. She is author of five published books, including Voice
and Speaking Skills For Dummies, The Art of Conversation and The
Art of Communication. She loves learning and humour, and finding the
extraordinary in people. She enjoys family, friends, playing the piano andwriting as well as exploring the hills where she lives.   

I recommend any of her books, and she also creates great blogs too.  Sign up on Judy's website.


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