Healing Trauma

Posted November 7 2016

To experience trauma is a terrible thing.  Truama can devastate people's lives.

"It takes tremendous energy to keep functioning while carrying the memory of terror, and the shame of utter weakness and vulnerability."

And that devastation can travel down through the lives of their children, and their children, going forward into generations.  

Some trauma is obvious - war, child-abuse, rape, the effects of alcoholism and other obsessions, accidents or natural disasters.  Trauma can occur in early relationships with parents that are emotionally unavailable (due to their own trauma), or with seemingly small accidents and more.  

In helping me to understand the effects of trauma that show up in clients with whom I am working, I offer two blog postings that have shed light on the subject for me.

Veronique Mead is a doctor who developed Chronic Fatigue (CFS) otherwise known as ME.  She has developed the Chronic Illness Model


and writes about the effects of trauma in her blog 'Tumbling the Stone'


Another excellent Blog is Brain Pickings


and Maria Popova uses a book by Bessel van der Volk called 'The body keeps score' to weave an excellent post on the healing of trauma:


Worth a look if you are serious about finding information on trauma healing.





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