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Katie Martin BBC Radio 4 interview

Posted July 23 2013

Neil and I had an entertaining lunchtime today when we placed ourselves in Katie Martin's very skilled and competant hands for an interview.  The discussion point was about re-marrying your ex, and was sparked off by the recent showing on BBC4 of the TV biopic Burton and Taylor, played by Dominic West and Helena Bonham-Carter. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor famously re-married and divorced, but then they did marry a lot of times - Burton five times (four wives) and Taylor eight (seven husbands).  Taylor is quoted as having said:

"I was taught by my parents that if you fall in love, if you want to have a love affair, you get married.  I guess I'm very old fashioned."  Mind you, those marriages came very quickly after the divorces - love on the rebound?

Here's the link to the interview.

We enjoyed ourselves - thanks, Katie.


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