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Hope Springs

Posted October 2 2012

Neil & I went on a works outing to watch Hope Springs, the movie about  a Couple on an intensive Couples Counselling Course. 

A soft yet telling film, with lovely bits of humour added by sending up the Couples Counselling Process itself. It had us wondering for a while if this was 'how they did it in the Untited States' as it seemed very crass, but then we caught onto the humour and relaxed into the film.  

What did strike true was the story of the couple, and it was beautifully portrayed in all its twists and turns, ups and downs.

Couples Counselling can be, as this was, a vehicle for change if BOTH partners are willing to fully engage, and let go of whatever is holding them back from connecting with their significant other.

One thing I promise - we do not use the metaphor 'it's like breaking your nose!'


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You enveloped me. I have never felt quite so safe and able to open up with anyone as I did with you both. You had an amazing understanding which gave me comfort and strength. You've been so kind - thank you."



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