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Laughter & life & Bugs Bunny

Posted April 11 2013

Laughter is amazing.  It brings smiles, giggles, fun.  

You can laugh with, or laugh against.  Laugh against is not nice.  This blog is about laugh with.

A good laugh is has an exquisite timing about it.  That's why comics are so revered.

Laughter is especially valued in democarcies. The first profession that dictators ban when coming ino their power are comedians, as they perceive they are being laughed at.  Yet turn it around and laugh with it, and the sting goes out of it.

Research has shown that the best and most reliable repair of difficult situations between a couple of people is to laugh.  The ability to laugh and lighten the atmosphere during conflicts is one of the signatures of those couples whom researchers recognise to be 'very good' at 'doing' relationships.  What an amazing effect, and so under-rated by most people.

Cracking up with laughter.  Think about it.  What's cracking?  A pretentious patina maybe, or a serious shell, or a protected prison.  Yet what does laughter expose?  Certainly nothing weak or vulnerable or pathetic, but a presence that is strong, joyous and extraordinary - something that serves to bond the very humanity of us together.

As Bugs Bunny said:

'Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive.'


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