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I am currently taking a sabbatical while I develop a new business venture.  I will be creating a new website in the near future, so please check in here periodically for new developments. Please know that I will no longer be working as a counsellor or life coach.

Should you wish to talk me for any other reason please contact me

I coach men and women, either as couples or individuals, who

  • have troubles in their current love relationship
  • want to make a crucial relationship better (love, work, family, friends)
  • want to commit for the first time but are having difficulty finding a mate
  • have had a previous relationship, and want to try again to find love that lasts
  • suspect that life as a single might be better for them but are worried about the future
  • need support as they go through divorce

Relationship Coaching


Perhaps your love relationship is no longer loving?  Something has happened, like an affair, a tragedy, or an incident you can't overcome and now you are looking for marriage counselling. Maybe you are bickering, even fighting now, or you've drifted apart and relationship counselling is needed.

Or you still love each other but you are no longer 'in love' and a relationship counsellor could help you both focus on the fixing the important things. Perhaps couple counselling is the only possible way of improving the frequency, quality or having any intimacy in your life at all. You are sad, or angry, or afraid, or all three and want something better.  

If this is you, and your partner is willing come to Cathy for couple counselling.

If your partner is unable or unwilling to come with you, then considerable changes are possible if you want them to happen.  Any outcome is possible - noth staying together or splitting.  Here is a testimonial to someone who split:

"Your coaching was life-changing for me as you helped me to piece my life back together. I can only describe the process as having given me a transplant of life. I drew from it such personal strength, and now I'm happy and can move on. Thank you." - Anonymous

and someone who has remained in their relationship:

I' met with Cathy and found her approach refreshingly direct where others seemed intent on prolonged engagement. I found her to intuitively cut through my own blocks and enabled me to face the issue confidently, and supported. Would recommend her service.' - Anonymous

Singles Coaching

If you've come from a previous relationship, you now know what you don't want, but how to find what you do want? You may have trust issues, or children, or be lacking in that confidence needed to start again. You might be aware of unhelpful patterns from your first relationship but don't know how to avoid them. Perhaps you didn't want your previous partnership to end, and now find yourself unwillingly single.

Maybe your partner has died. Perhaps a bit of support to help you find the life you want to life now might be something you know you need right now.

Do you want a bit of help with your online dating? Are you getting discouraged. Perhaps you attract the wrong attention, or no attention at all. Maybe opportunities to find likely people are restricted for you. Perhaps this is the right time for you, but you are having trouble gaining commitment from them. Do time and opportunities seem to be running out?

You might be wondering if being single would work best for you. Perhaps you want work things through to make better choices as you discover just what life you want to grow into and enjoy.

Perhaps you just want to be listened to.

I faciliate you as you

  • work out what you do want
  • develop the confidence needed to make this happen
  • face and decide what to do with situations that are difficult for you
  • handle yourself safely through the rollercoaster of making your decisions
  • get over your previous relationship, if applicable

as you focus your efforts, letting your strengths and wishes work for you so that you can find what you want. It's never too late.

From Sam, having helped her fine-tune her on-line profile:

"Wow, you're good. 34 matches of which I've 'winked' about 5. Their turn now. Interesting and exciting."

Other relationship situations

Is a different yet important relationship in your life a problem? A work or business relationship relationship? Maybe a friendship has gone wrong? Or you want to get on better with someone in your family? Perhaps it's all got messy, and time is not solving it. Maybe active help with the outside perspective of a relationship coach would be of help.

Divorcing & need help?

Are you divorcing and it's not good? You know you can't stop the pain but you want to shorten the recovery. Support and specialist help as you go through the process can be helpful. I can also provide support should you go through mediation, collaboration or attending court.

Sometimes a bit of specific assistance from an experienced relationship counsellor can help. 

If you want to take this further

Give me a call to find out what I can do for you.Tropical Seas © Patrick Blake

Relationship Coaching by Cathy Foster is for those in Winchester, Southampton, Andover, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex; or further afield, face:face or via Skype/Zoom.


ELITE Sports TEAM Partnerships

For top level sports partnerships and teams who find themselves in trouble, I work on the dynamics between both sailors/athletes with the aim of re-balancing the team energies to release them both into more productive performances, without leaving any left over irritations or resentments.

Ideal candidates are top level sailors and teams or major campaigns where high profile stars and/or team problems are getting in the way of doing the job.

Such coaching is also perfect for the classic sports pairs and doubles of any kind - eg. rowing, skating, tennis - in resolving relationship breakdown.

Passing Baton - © Patrick Blake

I also facilitate partnership start-ups, so that processes to aid an enduring professional relationship are in place from day one, ensuring that energy, time and and talent are not wasted by an untimely break-up.


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With Cathy's coaching I learnt more about myself and my abilities in one week than I had 'tried to work out' in a whole year! The clarity and confidence resulting from the 'power of positive visualisation' stays with me to this day and has been incredibly instrumental in my business career and the success now of my own company. Thank you Cathy!”

Roz Flanagen

Bewitched Ltd.

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